They say that digital pictures cannot capture the soul of people. Just like the LP sounds warmer than a digital recording, there is something left out when we are "megapixeled" into a microchip.

Therefore here, in colour and full glory, are the souls of 4 singers and one pianist, captured in analogue technology.

Feel the energy!

Tenor Kjetil Støa charms the audience in the "lower deck" of the Underwater Pub

Soprano Ingegjerd Bagøien Moe is venturing into the "upper deck" of the pub to delight her audience.

Soprano Caroline Wettergren is taking command of the "bridge"

Mezzosoprano Gro Bente Kjellevold is all flirty and passionate

The cast of the 4-Sep-2014, from left to right: Kjetil, Ingegjerd, Caroline, Gro Bente and Patrik

Pianist Patrik Johanson enjoys himself, the singers and the audience...

Hm, what a night !

Caroline Wettergren says: Thank you!