Always the Same and Always New

Don't you want to experience something new and want that to be exactly the same as the day, month, year before? Are you disappointed when it is different, when it has changed, when it is not what you expected? What happens when it is new, the first time, the first encounter, but you feel that it is going to be great?

Somehow it has to be different, but known, just slightly off center. Like your favorite drink, the one you just love to taste with every single sip, brand new and refreshing, but please, the same as last time, the one you remember?

So, what is it that lets us want to re-experience the known? 

I guess it is the complexity, the taste, the feeling, the unique moment that wants us to fall in love once more. And who doesn't want to repeat that? 

I want to . I need to. Don't you? 

And Oia is exactly the place where all this is multiplied when you stand on the plaza in front of the church at four o'clock in the morning. Like the Assyrtiko wine that encapsulates all "sensations" of this island, you breathe the salty air of the night wind, the jasmine smell of the gardens, the earthy taste of the volcanic soil. You gather at the distant lights of Fira and Imergovigli and take another deep breath. You have arrived in Oia.

The view from the plaza overlooking Oia and the Santorini Caldera.

The view from the plaza overlooking Oia and the Santorini Caldera.