Tango Rethymno Style

What a surprise. We hear about an Argentinian Tango night at the "Soul Kitchen" bar and don't hesitate to try our dancing shoes for an unforgettable experience. First thing we see is Iro's raised arms when approaching the terrace of the open air bar. She is sitting with Panos and a few friends to await tango music. 

I tell everybody about our experience of the Soria Moria Tango Club nights. Couples walked to the dance floor and the women closed their eyes to be led by the men who navigated through the archipelago of other couples turning, twisting and stepping their way by interpreting the song played. Waltz-like, slow Tango, Milonga, fast Tango, with a lot of tempo changes, rhythmically advanced, trance-like, Lounge-like and almost Techno, modern, with seductive melodies, very old recordings where you could hear the scratching of the needle through the grooves of the record, transporting you back into the old days. Longing lyrics, sung by men and women, violins cry and lament, all kinds of instruments, but always with a playful Bandoneon. And each time the dancers adopted to give their interpretation of the music. Every couple was doing something different, but always seductive, a feast for your eyes and a scene you hoped to never forget. Nobody was showing off. This was not a show where fiery emotions fly. This was not the place to snap the rose out of the mouth of the partner. This was love. This was trust and surrendering control. Surrender yourself. Let everything go and get carried away by the inventions of the dance partner. I've never seen so much tenderness and above all, joy, when the partner has invented something new and exciting. Couples stayed for several songs, only to get a bit of respite before the itchy feet were calling again.

While witnessing this I lost all desire to dance myself. I felt inadequate, not knowing enough steps and movements. With just a couple of hours training under my soles I would have disrupted the flow of movements. 

Nothing like that in the "Soul Kitchen". I let my soul free room and try a few steps with the girl that works as a Tango instructor. She fills the gaps of those lessons I forgot with her own turns and leg movements. I feel so good that I ask Gro Bente for a try and, surprise surprise, she remembers some steps too. Nothing can stop me now and so I tango through the night, interrupted by taking pictures, talking to Panos and a few sips of the excellent "Brinck's Beer". I promise to take more lessons and practice the learned movements. The starry night of Rethymno is my witness. 


Note: Focusing on the subject was very difficult under the light conditions, so most pictures are not sharp. But it might have been the restless feet of the photographer blurring the images... 

Iro with the Tango instructor and another pair.