Winetasting - Domaine Sigalas

Once you have enjoyed the hospitality of a winemaker you are wondering why you are not going to wine tastings every day.

Last year it was the small wine yard specializing on Vinsanto, the sweet and fruity wine of Santorini. This year it is Assyrtiko, the ancient and most classic grape of Santorini and we were curious about the winemaker of the 2011 vintage we tasted some days before at the Floga restaurant. 

We arrive at the unassuming buildings of the Sigalas Domaine, a few flat buildings, some pallets of empty bottles in the driveway and a parking lot not made for the tourist buses. Just a few steps and you can enter the "tasting terrace", a lovely shady place were a number of tables and chairs invite to sample the many creations of this wine maker. We order to taste all wines (just 10.50€) and get the glasses placed on plastic cards that describe the mouthful experience, vintage and wine making process. The waiter smiles and says"enjoy". So we follow her advice and start with the fruity whites, over to the single rosé, the young reds and over to the two sweet ones: A vinsanto and a very cherry sweet red that I like the most. 

I am not a wine expert and in many cases the descriptions of tastes and sensations don't speak to me. I have to try this myself and follow the advice a good friend once gave me: Describe the feeling by yourself. Don't think or feel what other people experienced. Make up your own mind and write it down with your own words," And so it comes that I create a new wine vocabulary: "an almost aristocratic taste", "furry feel on my tongue", "cherry taste without the pit", "bitter but not sweet", "you've lost that loving feeling" (after the whites turned bitter), "this one has quite a bite", "kiss of a fruitcake" and so on.

The whole location is just lovely: The stinging sun is filtered by a roof, the vines are so close that you can touch them, a gentle breeze cools our enthusiasm. There is brown bread and olive oil to clear the mouth and when Gro Bente pulls down her hat to demonstrate how a "blind taste" is done we hear the laughter from the table next to ours. And a great conversation starts with a couple from England. This is a place I want to stay forever...

Sigalas put their wines on the map.

Beautiful colors and great tastes.

This is the aristocratic red.

Always have a piece of bread between sips of wine.

Gro Bente is demonstrating how a blind tasting is done.