The Captains Houses

The captains houses are something special in Oia and on Santorini. First you are attracted to the caldera side of the town, the view into the blue and the sun hitting the various buildings in 90 degrees, like a vineyard. The you notice how hot it is going to get, walking bare feet and serious burns are the result, you can't sleep without the air condition on full power. After staying in a hotel a bit off the cliff you notice that the constant wind cools you down, air condition is switched off, walking bare feet is the way of living here. Panos, the manager of the Oia's Sunset hotels explains: "The caldera side of Oia was for the poor people. It was too hot. Fishermen and their families lived there. The richer business people, mainly captains and their families built their houses here were the hotel stands. Just walk around and have a look."

So we did. And what we saw were houses in various stages of decay. Abandoned, for sale or in rare occasions beautifully restored. 

The design is very simple: The house has a main entrance door with a half circle above, decorated with naval symbols. Left and right are 1, 2 or even three windows - depending on the wealth. Each house owns a courtyard with a special entrance door that is made out of wood and beautifully crafted.