Eventually, another night at the Underwater Pub.

The summer appears to be ending. Opera lovers flock back to the Underwater Pub to have both, beer and some great songs performed by a dedicated cast of singers.

Caroline Wettergren sings her "Welcome Aria".

Caroline Wettergren is commanding the scene and everyone in the Underwater Pub listens.

Olav, the master of ceremonies  on the evening of the 26th September 2014.

Olav, the master of ceremonies  on the evening of the 26th September 2014.

It is not easy to capture an iconic picture that sums up all the passion that an opera singer puts into a song. It is not only disrespectful to the singer to disturb such a moment with the loud click of the camera shutter, but also such a picture would only show a fragment of a stunning performance that leads up to that moment.

So, what does a photographer do? Switch to video? Shoot pictures after picture after picture? Perhaps. And why not? 

That moment, Bo Elley steps into the spotlight to portrait the King Philip of Spain, in an aria from the magnificent opera "Don Carlo" of Giuseppe Verdi. The story goes: Philip, Kind of Spain is in his study, meditating about his marriage, lamenting that his wife does not love him. "Her heart is closed to me"

Bo begins the aria of Philip slow and with so much pain, that you feel sorry for him immediately. Only to witness the transition of a man filled with anger and rage, complaining about all the problems that a king has to face when confronted by the Spanish Inquisition. He sings: "When the King sleeps, treason is hatched, he is robbed of his crown and his wife!"

So the photographer presses the shutter button...

Thank you and good night!